SAP - Project Management

DatArt acts as Project Manager for the deployment and implementation of all your SAP projects. Our role on this kind of assignments involves organising and planning the execution of a project from the conception phase to its implementation. This is done with the assistance of internal teams or external staff recruited for these purposes.

Phase 1: Functional and Organisational Audit

We analyse all aspects of your company's organisation (work distribution, information and communication channels, rules and procedures...) in order to detect its strengths and weaknesses.

We assess the performance and efficiency of your information system as well as its consistency with the organisational model.

Phase 2: Structural Framework

In this document, we include the needs, objectives and expected outcomes as well as the impact on the organisation.

Phase 3: Project Roll-out

The production phase starts once we have selected the profiles and skills needed to build up the teams. At the same time, we draft the functional and technical documents, which will allow end-users to work autonomously. Finally, we provide the necessary settings and tests before the go-live.

Phase 4: Solution Validation

We perform functional and technical acceptance tests with the appropriate supervisors within the company in order to ensure that the solution meets the pre-established requirements and allows for high-quality implementation, which is paramount to preserving data quality and system continuity.

Once potential changes are implemented as a result of acceptance testing, we run a non-regression test. The client then validates the solution, sealing the final phase before confidently going live.

Phase 5: Go-live, Training, Maintenance and Functional Support

While the go-live takes place, the development team trains users on how to use the solution and provides the relevant documents.
Afterwards, DatArt will assist you in fixing any potential bugs and improving technical and functional applications.

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