SAP PartnerEdge Silver partner

Companies, particularly intermediate-sized and SMEs, cannot always easily access big group services such as SAP. The best option is to work with a local SAP partner, a company which shares your culture and language and which will be able to understand your market and regional regulations. With offices in both Lausanne and Paris, DatArt is clearly the number one choice for clients based in French-speaking Switzerland and France.

The SAP partner programme does not only look at its partners' revenues to rate and award them. It also encourages them to develop customer care, striving, above all, to offer quality services and to keep customers satisfied.

In a nutshell, the combination of SAP technologies and the SAP PartnerEdge programme allows DatArt to provide its clients with greater added value.

DatArt has put a great deal of effort into joining the SAP PartnerEdge programme, meeting strict eligibility criteria (skills assessments and other tests). We are regularly assessed to ensure we comply with the requirements in terms of continuous professional development and operations so that we can continue to be a partner and guarantee top-quality services.

LSE Certification

Because we meet the necessary requirements and conditions, the Canton of Vaud has granted DatArt authorisation to lease services under the federal act on employment service and labour leasing (LSE).