SAP - Consulting and Training

As part of our consulting services, we appoint one or several consultants to join your IT department and assist you throughout the transformation of your information system. Depending on the context and purposes of the assignment, their role can include different tasks, such as: managing the implementation of the IS strategy; coaching your teams and helping them improve their skills; assisting you in implementing projects; and advising on the evolution of your infrastructure.

Phase 1: Information System Audit

We analyse your information system in detail and list the changes needed to improve its performance and consistency with your organisation.

Phase 2: Structural Framework

We identify your business challenges and IS needs in order to design a change strategy tailored to your business procedures and to meet QCD targets (quality, cost and delivery).

Phase 3: Guidance

We establish the roadmap and assist your IT department in the implementation of IS changes.

Phase 4: Change Management

Throughout your IS transformation, we liaise with your teams and train them to use the new tools and features that are being implemented.

Phase 5: Assistance

We support you throughout the transformation process towards a new IS strategy, identifying and providing you with potential improvements which are likely to enhance its efficiency and continuity within the changing environment of your organisation.

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