Business Culture

The quality of the services provided by a computing service company relies on its stability as well as the individual skills of the engineers in the team. In the context of a highly competitive labour market, DatArt has established a business culture allowing us to recruit and retain the best profiles so we can offer excellent services at all times.

Screening New Collaborators

All DatArt consultants come from very prestigious business and engineering schools and are carefully selected as per their frames of mind and interpersonal skills.

Wage Policy

DatArt collaborators feature among Switzerland's top-paid groups for equivalent positions and equal qualifications.


All DatArt collaborators are consulted before the company takes any new strategic directions. This is because their views are invaluable and the involvement of each and every team member helps strengthen their support to the common project.

Friendly Atmosphere

DatArt managers believe that having a friendly environment is extremely important. This is possible thanks to team cohesion achieved by means of frequent gatherings outside of the workplace (weekly breakfasts, after-work activities, cultural or sporting events, etc.).

Training Courses and Information Exchange

For us, it is essential that our collaborators continuously improve their skills. Besides frequently-organised courses for consultants, DatArt has implemented structured training and exchange tools for the internal use of collaborators (document management platform, SAP learning platform, etc.). This enables everyone in the team to develop his/her knowledge and skills autonomously.

Autonomy and Responsibility

DatArt consultants enjoy the greatest possible autonomy to guarantee their personal and professional well-being. They can organise their work as they wish (working hours, working from home...) providing that all commitments taken on with clients are fully met.


Based in Lutry, located on the banks of Lake Geneva, and hosting big sports fans within its team (specially sailing fans), DatArt, in its quest to invest in cultural and community life, has become a sponsor of Pully's sailing club.