SAP - Maintenance

Everyday, a growing number of companies of all sizes decide to entrust external IT companies with the facilities management of their information system. The purpose of this type of maintenance - called third-party application maintenance - is to increase productivity while simultaneously ensuring that all the company's pieces of software are available and work optimally. Third-party application maintenance is implemented as a preventive/corrective measure or with the purpose of developing your system in order to add or improve features.

Free up internal resources

Free up your IT staff so they can focus on your core business and your strategic projects.

Control costs

Have a greater visibility of the maintenance costs in order to keep them low or bring them down.

Optimise organisation

Improve staff organisation thanks to the greater flexibility provided by third-party application maintenance.

Exploit the potential of your IS

Maximise your infrastructure efficiency thanks to the support and advice of our highly-experienced and qualified specialists.

Speed up support

Increase responsiveness when dealing with support requests.

Harness the full potential of your tools

Use the latest software technologies thanks to rigorous application updates (as soon as new versions are released).

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