DatArt Presentation

The Founders

DatArt was created by 5 associates, each with over 20 years of experience in IT consulting (SAP BI and SAP Finance) and a broad background working with governments, international organisations and large corporations in the Lake Geneva region.

Our Vision

With a growing impact on the future of companies, the role of the strategic choices made about implementing or improving internal management tools is becoming increasingly crucial. In a context where the wrong decision can result in disastrous consequences, it is best to use the services of highly-experienced and qualified specialists.

Our Mission

Making the most of the latest computing technologies to achieve the technical excellence of our clients' business management tools to allow them to adopt or preserve a state-of-the-art organisation and planning model, which is paramount for the key players of their market.

Our Values


Earning our clients' respect leads to closeness and responsiveness. This allows for a relationship based on honesty and transparency, which are both essential conditions for the smooth and timely running of projects.

In-house, respect among co-workers boosts individual motivation and strengthens team spirit.


The concept of commitment, which sometimes loses its significance, is not an empty word for DatArt. We never forget that honouring our commitments is the only way forward if we want to uphold our clients' trust.

In-house, everyone is aware that commitment shapes the company's overall reliability.


Our business culture and screening and induction processes enable us to put our clients' projects in the very capable hands of experienced or highly-experienced professionals, who are the best suited to carry out the assignments.

Within the company, this culture of excellence leads to healthy competition amongst team members.

Client satisfaction

We are, first and foremost, pragmatic. Besides our values and principles, we serve a single purpose, one that motivates us every day and allows DatArt to enjoy growing success: client satisfaction.

Within the company, satisfied clients means a contented team, which results in a highly positive dynamic for everyone.