Microsoft - Consulting and Training

We want to harness your tools' full potential. That is why our consulting and training services aim to support your company by helping and encouraging all your staff members to use Microsoft tools.


  • Courses tailored to your needs to fully exploit the potential of your information system and the newest Intranet features
  • Courses aimed at advanced VBA and Access users in order to make best use of PowerApps to create applications
  • Proactive advice about new features/versions/frameworks


  • Courses to encourage users to work with the tools and to optimise teamwork, collaboration and communication
  • Integration feature presentation with Planner, OneNote, Forms, Power BI, etc.
  • Increase the number of users adopting tools by training them how to use advanced Teams features such as tabs, applications and guest access

Power BI

  • Customised courses on understanding and using Power BI
  • Training advanced users how to clean, filter, transform and integrate data in Power BI

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